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Capti is a text to speech solution that's geared towards students, educators, and personal users. It was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in the Greater New York Area. Various K-12 school districts across the U.S. use this platform to help improve student reading and comprehension. 

But how does it hold up against ioAudio? Let's review some of the features and capabilities of the two platforms. 

Designed for the Able and Disabled

Capti's platform was created with a heavy focus on education, early learners, and those with learning disabilities. Besides helping children read, it also accommodates tests by reading it aloud within a secure browser. This has shown to reduce testing times for students. But it's not just for lower-grade students. Capti is also used in higher education institutions.

It's the ideal tool for listening to textbooks, while taking notes. The accessibility of Capti is worth noting because it not only helps struggling readers to improve their skills -- it also assesses readers, provides score reports, and makes activity recommendations. The platform has even won an accessibility-related award for the vast options available to users with disabilities. 

ioAudio is also designed with the disabled in mind -- particularly folks with dyslexia, autism, and reading comprehension issues. Our platform is also suitable for use in K-12 settings by both teachers and students. 

Integrations with Popular Tools

There are many reasons to convert text to speech, so it's vital to have a platform that accommodates how you save, share, and use the audio. Capti does this by offering various integrations with tools like OneDrive, Office365, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Instapaper, Google Drive, Project Gutenberg, and Bookshare. 

ioAudio also comes with helpful integrations with tools like Google Docs, Dropbox, email platforms, Slack, Spotify, contact lists, and calendars. Plus, you can create an account and add users to share audio files with easily. 

Comprehensive Features 

Capti's platform comes with several plan options that offer various features. For instance, the personal use plan enables users to change fonts and colors of the text, import images for audio conversion, and convert web page content into audio. There's also cross-device syncing for folks who like to switch back and forth between desktop and mobile devices. 

ioAudio offers much-needed features for its target customers -- workers, educators, students, and everyday people. This includes:

  • Ability to create playlists and threads 
  • Ease of sharing audio files with others via Slack and Spotify
  • Automated document editing (so you don't have to listen to tables of contents)
  • Simple collaboration between teams (add users to your account)

Our platform derives from best-in-class product development using Amazon's API. So you can expect nothing but a quality experience with our platform. And if needed, we offer sales and customer support. 

Both platforms are or will be SEC 504 compliant for security purposes. 

Selecting a TTS Tool for Your Needs

When choosing a text to speech solution, you'll want to consider how you'll use it, and the features offered that can best accommodate your needs. ioAudio focuses on how both professional and personal users adopt TTS tools, so its features cater to both sides. 

Capti's direction zones in on education, making its platform more suitable for students, educators, and faculty. 

If you'd like to see if ioAudio is right for you, then sign up for a free trial today!

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