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Kukarella is a Canadian-based company offering both text to speech and audio to text solutions. The brand boasts having hundreds of realistic-sounding voices and dozens of language options. The platform also enables users to play with accents and effects. Kukarella is designed for everyday users, including individuals, as well as small and medium businesses. However, their target customer is creatives, who want to simplify their voiceover process affordably. 

So how does Kukarella compare to ioAudio's text to speech tool? Here's an overview of what both have to offer. 

Leading Text to Speech Technologies

Kukarella's text to audio converter uses leading technologies to power its system, including Google, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft libraries. This provides the highest quality voices. Voice effects are available to users, which can be used to adjust the softness and height of voices, and add pauses, whispers, and emphasis. This may be useful for those using the tool to create voiceovers for videos and audiobooks. 

ioAudio also uses these libraries to provide its customers with natural-sounding voiceovers for text to speech conversions. 

Secure Storage for Audio Files

Many text to speech services don't offer the ability to save files. Kukarella's platform comes with secure storage for saving audio files. Users have their own personal storage they download from and share with others. 

ioAudio offers enterprise-grade performance, reliability, security, and developer experience to ensure its users have a great experience. 

Not Just a Text to Speech Tool

A lot of Kukarella's capabilities are geared towards those using the platform for audio to text conversions. Customers can use Kukarella to quickly transcribe business documents, interviews, notes, and more. The platform enables users to transcribe real-time recordings, as well as video soundtracks from Vimeo and YouTube. 

ioAudio is exclusively a text to speech tool, offering a comprehensive set of features catering to customers needing reliable (and affordable) TTS conversions. 

Why Sets Apart ioAudio from the Rest

ioAudio isn't your traditional text to speech software. It comes with enhanced capabilities that enable users to read more in less time, organize audio, and share audio seamlessly. This is possible thanks to features like:

  • Importation of emails for audio conversion
  • Creation of playlists on Spotify for listening (and sharing)
  • Integration with platforms like Slack, email providers, contact lists, and calendars

ioAudio offers best-in-class product development, sales support, and customer service. 

Choosing a Text to Speech Software

Most text to speech tools have similarities in offerings, but only a select provide additional features that can enhance the reading and listening experience. If you're looking for a tool that focuses more on audio to text capabilities, then Kukarella may be right for you. 

However, if you need a tool that comes with all the bells and whistles for text to speech, then ioAudio is an optimal choice. 

Want to see if ioAudio is right for you? Then sign up for a free trial with us today!

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