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Natural Reader is a Canadian text to speech software company founded recently in April 2020. Its app is available for download to American and Canadian users in the Apple app store. Although anyone can use its platform, the app is designed mainly for personal use. Many of its users are students, dyslexic readers, foreign language learners, and working professionals. The platform is most notable for having OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that takes scans and photos of documents and converts the characters into audio. Users can then listen to the audio on their computer or mobile device at home or on the go. 

But how does it compare to ioAudio? Here’s a quick overview. 

Listen to Audio Anywhere (Even Offline)

People today are constantly on the move, making mobile services (and devices) a must-have. Natural Readers boasts having an offline feature, enabling users to listen to text to audio conversions anytime and anywhere. 

ioAudio also offers this capability, allowing its users to convert and listen to text wherever and on any device. 

Read Aloud Printed Pages and Images (Not Just Text-Based)

When text to speech software first hit the market, it could only read text-based documents. Any images in a file would go ignored. Now that OCR technology is available, text to speech tools can read text on both documents and images. So if you have an infographic, chart, or graph (that’s in JPEG or PNG format) you’d like converted into speech, it’s now possible. 

Users can also ioAudio’s text to speech platform, since it contains the same technology. This is also the same tech used to convert eBooks into audio – perfect for all you eReaders out there.

Ideal for Dyslexic Readers

Struggling to read is something millions of people around the world have to deal with. It’s an embarrassing problem to have, but tools like Natural Readers aim to eliminate this issue. The software makes it possible for people with dyslexia to listen to emails, documents, and web pages quickly. This is good news for dyslexic book lovers everywhere. 

ioAudio is a simple-to-use text to speech tool designed with special needs individuals in mind (including dyslexia). 

Natural Reader Features

Natural Reader comes with a variety of features that make it an appealing option. This includes its Chrome extension, which you can use to listen to emails, blog posts, news, and Google documents right from the browser. It also comes with over 100 natural-sounding voices. There’s also a pronunciation editor for those who prefer to hear certain words in a specific dialect. 

IoAudio also comes with the same features, but then it also excels in other areas...

What Makes ioAudio Unique

Natural Readers and ioAudio offer similar features and capabilities to their users. But where ioAudio differs is in several areas:

  • User base – ioAudio is ideal for both personal and business use (including government and healthcare)
  • Security – ioAudio takes pride in its secure platform (as well as its pending certification)
  • Playlists – users can create playlists on Spotify and even share them on Slack

ioAudio also integrates with popular platforms for email, calendars, and contact lists. 

Download the TTS Software that’s Right for You

Hopefully, this quick guide helps you see the differences between Natural Readers and ioAudio so you can make a more informed decision. If you’d like to give ioAudio a try, then sign up for a free trial today! 

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