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Notevibes is a text to speech software that takes pride in having natural-sounding voices for audio conversions. It offers both free and paid options to users -- the free having a 5K character limitation. There are various paid options that come with higher character limits (i.e., 100K characters per month for personal). There's also a commercial plan, which comes with a limit of 1 million characters per month. 

Let's take a closer look at what Notevibes offers and how it compares to ioAudio. 

Vast Amount of Voice Options

Notevibes offers realistic-sounding voices that come in 177 unique voices. Users can also choose from 18 different languages. This makes it an ideal tool for those learning a second or third language (or who are non-English speakers). 

ioAudio also offers natural-sounding voiceovers (thanks to Amazon and IBM libraries). Users can also choose between male and female voices. 

Packages Suitable for Everyone

Notevibes offers two package options for its user base -- personal and commercial. Both come with character limitations, which may or may not be an issue. This may be suitable if you're a casual user and don't mind keeping count of how many characters you've used each month. 

ioAudio breaks down pricing into packages with unlimited characters and conversions. This way, users can focus on reading -- not math. 

Advanced Editing Tools

Some users like to have more power over how they consume content. With Notevibes' editing feature, users can add breaks and emphasis to audio, as well as customize spelling. 

ioAudio also allows editing of audio files. Users can add markers to tag sections of audio, create snippets from audio, and play at fast and slow speeds. 

Choosing a TTS Software 

How do you plan to use your text to speech software? Or better yet, how much do you plan to use it? Because this will determine whether you should opt for a solution that requires character counting or unlimited conversions. This is ideal if you're a power user who enjoys reading lots of articles and blogs or has business tasks like emails and documents to read daily. 

If you're looking for the latter, then we invite you to give ioAudio a try today!

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