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Play.ht is a text to speech tool that provides realistic-sounding voiceovers for audio conversions. It uses high-quality voice libraries from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Plus, it comes with an AI Voice Generator that allows users to choose from over 266 unique voices. Users can also select between 18 different languages. It also features full SSML and multi-voice support, allowing users to manipulate voice tones, emphasis, and pronunciations.

ioAudio can do all of this as well. So how does it compare to ioAudio? Here's a quick overview of their offerings. 

Make Online Articles Accessible

Play.ht doesn't just target the content consumer -- they're also looking to attract content creators. They do so by pointing out how website owners can make their content more accessible using text to speech software. The platform claims it can improve the user experience and enhance SEO (search engine optimization). Users can also create RSS feeds by turning articles into audio podcasts to share on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

ioAudio's platform can also be used to convert the text of web pages. All a user has to do is copy and paste it directly into the converter or upload the hyperlink to the web page. Our software also allows you to create playlists and threads to upload to Spotify. 

Use Text to Audio Conversions for Commercial Projects

A lot of people use TTS software for personal and business use. But Play decided to target those who may want to take their vast library of voices and use it to create commercial content (i.e., a cartoon movie). The platform offers full commercial and broadcast rights for voiceovers. 

How ioAudio is Different 

Play.ht is a TTS solution that focuses heavily on content creators. ioAudio, on the other hand, is geared towards the content consumer -- although they can use our platform to create their own audio content. 

Our software comes with a range of features users love, such as:

  • Simple collaboration with teams (for creating threads)
  • Build playlists for seamless listening experiences
  • Automated document editing and summaries 
  • Send playlists and threads to others via Slack or email

These are just some of the benefits we offer to our customers. 

Picking the Best TTS Solution for You

Which text to speech software should you use to enhance your audio reading? Well, it all depends on whether you're using it for yourself or others. If you want to focus on creating video content with voiceovers or even a website of stories with dozens of character voiceovers, then Play may be for you. However, if you want a solution that empowers you to convert your favorite blogs, articles, and eBooks or your work emails, documents, and presentations, then ioAudio is the way to go. 

Ready to find out more about our TTS platform and how it can make your audio reading sessions more productive. Sign up for a free trial today!

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