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Podcastle is a brand new text to speech tool that launched in 2020 and is based is in Middletown, Delaware. Its product boasts about helping users to become more efficient by reading faster and better. But how does it hold up next to ioAudio? 

Here's a look at some of the features offered on both sides. 

Machine-Learning to Enhance Reading

Podcastle does what typical text to speech platforms do, but with AI enhancements. The platform boasts having machine learning capabilities (for realistic-sounding voices) and improving users' efficiency. Customers can convert news and articles from across the web, so they're always up-to-date on the latest discussions and happenings. The goal is to help users save time by truncating content into podcasts and queues for easy listening (while multitasking). 

ioAudio also improves reading efficiency, but with playlists and threads. These enable users to create lists of audio based on the topic for better organization and uninterrupted listening sessions. 

Simple Text to Speech Conversions via Browser Extensions

Podcastle users can quickly convert web page content, such as news articles and blogs, into podcasts. This removes the need to scroll through pages and pages of content many internet surfers do today. 

ioAudio simplifies text to speech conversions by allowing users to copy and paste text directly, add links to web pages, import emails, or upload files (PDFs, images, and documents). 

Listen to Audio Anywhere

Podcastle enables users to turn text into "podcasts." This makes it easy to consume it from anywhere, such as while driving, walking, jogging, cleaning, or working. No internet connection is needed. 

ioAudio also promotes multitasking via its playlist and threads features. But it also enables its users to download audio files to devices for offline consumption. 

What Makes ioAudio a Must-Have

ioAudio offers a selection of features that's suitable for professional and personal use. For example, users can modify audio files by placing markers for bookmarking, increasing/decreasing the play speed, and create audio snippets. And if you're working together with classmates or co-workers, you can collaborate and share playlists and threads with one another. 

Choosing a TTS Solution 

What do you use text to speech tools for? If you're looking for a basic TTS tool to convert web pages on the fly, then Podcastle may be suitable. However, if you're looking for a way to better organize audio files, edit them, and share them with a team or friends/family, then ioAudio is the solution for you. 

But don't take our word for it -- give us a try today!

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