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Speechify, the creator of Get Speech, is an American tech company located in California. Its text to speech app is available on both iOS and Android marketplaces and caters to users in the US, CA, and EU. Get Speech is a platform designed for everyday users in the healthcare and education industry. This includes students, educators, parents, and working professionals. It also has special features designed for folks struggling with dyslexia. 

Get Speech is a similar tool to ioAudio, but which of them should you choose? We’ll let you decide. Here’s a quick comparison of the two platforms. 

AI-Powered Text to Speech and OCR Technology

Today’s consumers are looking for more than your standard text to speech software. They need a tool that can take text from anywhere and convert it into audio. Speechify meets this demand by offering a tool powered with AI and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology. The artificial intelligence is a reading assistant, which is ideal for those who are dyslexic or learning to read. The OCR technology enables the tool to take PDFs, JPEGs, and PNGs and convert the text into audio. This means the tool can read aloud digital documents and scans, such as eBooks, charts, and infographics. 

These same technologies can be found in ioAudio. 

Faster Reading, Better Learning

These are the promises Speechify makes with its user base. Does it follow through? The company states it can help users save hours each day that’s otherwise spent reading pages and pages of documents and emails. This may be appealing to office and healthcare workers, who spend a lot of time on digital devices. The platform also aims to help students learn better by making it possible to listen to textbooks, papers, and other documents. 

ioAudio also simplifies the process of converting text from digital and print documents into audio. Students can also create playlists in Spotify and mark important sections of audio. 

Listen to Text in World-Class Voices

The Speechify platform also boasts having world-class voices being used for text to audio conversions. It comes with hundreds of different voices to choose from. 

ioAudio doesn't have as many voices, but the ones available are also world-class, sounding 100% natural. This makes listening to text to speech conversions more engaging. 

Where ioAudio Excels in Text to Speech 

Besides offering fast, simple, and high-quality text to speech conversions, ioAudio also comes with other popular features. This includes automated summaries of documents and document editing, making it quicker to create audio with only the text you want/need to hear. 

Our platform also enables users to create threads and playlists, making it easier and faster to find exactly what you're looking for. Plus, it simplifies sharing content with others, such as for a class project. 

Start Converting Text to Speech 

Finding the best tool for your text to speech conversions is vital, especially if you're a power user. You need features that streamline listening to, sharing, and organizing audio content. 

With ioAudio, you get all the capabilities you need (without the bloat) to ensure you get just that. If you'd like to give it a try, then sign up for a free trial today!

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