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Text Aloud is a Windows text to speech solution created by NextUp Technologies. The company was established in 2000 and is based in Clemmons, North Carolina. Its TTS solution comes with natural-sounding speech, making it simple for users to follow along and comprehend content. This makes it an ideal solution for students, teachers, and even office workers. It also acts as an assistant to dyslexic readers. 

How does Text Aloud -- a basic TTS platform -- compare to ioAudio? Here's an overview of what the two have to offer. 

Improve Productivity at Home, Work, and School

One of the top benefits Text Aloud offers is enhanced productivity wherever you are -- home, school or work. Those who like to (and can) multitask can use the platform to listen to emails, online articles, eBooks, and documents, while performing other tasks. For instance, listening to audio while working out, jogging, working, cleaning, or watching the children. 

ioAudio also boasts being a productivity tool to its users. It comes with neat features that allow users to organize audio into threads and playlists for enhanced listening sessions (without interruption). 

Enhance Proofreading of Content

It's not always easy catching problems in your text just by looking at it. This is why reading it aloud is recommended to catch errors in grammar and syntax. With Text Audio, users can listen to text from PDFs, websites, and documents. 

ioAudio can also be used for proofreading all sorts of files, including print documents, eBooks, PDFs, and even reads text on scans and photos. This is made possible with our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. 

Making Reading Easier for the Dyslexic

Evidence shows dyslexic and struggling readers find it easier to consume content when it's read out loud. And they comprehend much better when there's word highlighting -- a feature offered by Text Aloud. With this, users can recognize words easier, making reading a more enjoyable experience. 

ioAudio also focuses on readers with learning disabilities. Our platform is designed to make reading sessions a breeze for folks with dyslexia, ADD, and other learning disorders. 

What Makes ioAudio Unique

ioAudio's text to speech solution offers more than automated voiceover services. It's also intuitive -- it edits documents, so only the important text is read (no table of contents, page numbers, and other areas that you'd skip over). ioAudio also makes summaries of documents so that you can get consume content faster. 

Find the TTS Solution that's Right for You

There are various ways you can use text to speech software in your everyday life. You can use it to catch up on your favorite books, finally read those blog posts you've been putting off, and improving your reading skills. 

Both platforms can assist with this, but ioAudio makes it easier to organize audio into threads and playlists. These can be uploaded to Spotify for personal listening or to share with others on Slack or email. 

If you'd like to give it a test run, then sign up for a free trial today!

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