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Voice Dream is a Boston-based text to speech platform that launched in 2012. Like other TTS tools, it is designed to help people read more without hurting productivity. The platform is suitable for users wanting a wider array of voices and languages to choose from. Each selection comes with premium natural-sounding voices from Acapela. Voice to Speech caters to consumers in healthcare, education, and business. 

But how does it hold up against ioAudio? Let's take a look at its core features and offerings. 

Improve Comprehensive Reading Using Synchronized Highlighting

Pre-schoolers learning to read and adults trying to learn new languages will find this feature helpful. This enhances each session with guided reading, which can help improve comprehension and knowledge retention. The screen also auto-scrolls so you can focus on the words without losing your position. The full-screen eliminates distractions so users can better concentrate on the content. 

ioAudio also comes with features to help students enhance reading sessions. This includes natural-sounding male and female voices (using neural network technology from IBM and Amazon) and the ability to turn eBooks and documents into audio playlists and threads. Students can bookmark sections of audio for later listening or to find useful information quickly. 

Convert Text from Various Formats

Old-school text to speech readers required you to copy and paste text into the tool to create audio conversions. With Voice Dream, you can upload different document formats for automated conversions. This includes PDF, EPUB, DAISY text and audio, plain text, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and web pages. 

ioAudio also allows users to upload documents of varying formats, web pages, and emails. It even processes text on images, making it possible to listen to content in infographics, charts, graphs, and other visual pieces.  

Access Audio Conversion from Anywhere

Voice Dream users can upload documents from just about anywhere. This includes platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Bookshare, Evernote, iOS File Browser, local files on your device, any website, and paper documents. 

ioAudio enables users to copy and paste text directly, upload documents, and insert web page links to be converted into audio. 

Voice Dream's Features

This platform comes with valuable features for personal and business customers. For example, it's universally accessible to those with varying levels of blindness, vision problems, autism, dyslexia, and motor function issues. 

Users can also adjust the speed using the audio controls. This will change the voice, pitch, and pause duration. There's also a custom pronunciation dictionary that enables users to choose how certain words are said (some like to-may-to, others prefer to-mah-to). 

ioAudio also offers accessibility features and audio/visual controls to enhance the reading experience. 

But Where ioAudio Excels...

ioAudio comes with various unique aspects that make it stand out from Voice Dream. For example, ioAudio allows users to:

  • Create threads and playlists (also easy to collaborate with others to create the perfect thread)
  • Share audio with others via Slack
  • Integrates with email, contact lists, and calendar tools for audio conversion
  • Listen to music and audio in one place -- Spotify

Adopt a Text to Speech Tool that Suits Your Needs

There are many ways you can use text to speech software in your everyday life. The key is finding the right tool that suits your needs. With the features offered at ioAudio, you can quickly convert text to audio, create playlists and threads, and easily share them, thanks to its integrations with Spotify and Slack. 

Want to see ioAudio in action? Then sign up for a free trial today!

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