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Help Your Students Become Literate with Education Text to Speech Software

Becoming a teacher was your way of giving back to the world. The children are the future, which requires your specialized skills to turn them into productive citizens. 

But what if several of your students are struggling to learn to read? Or maybe you need a little help with younger students learning to read for the first time. 

Either way, you can use education text to speech software to enhance their skills. Here are several ways you can use text to speech software to improve your student's literary skills. 

Enhance Word Recognition and Comprehension in Students

Kids learning to read tend to struggle with recognizing words. And this can make it difficult to comprehend what they're reading. With text to speech software for education, you can improve both areas. 

Listening to audio as you read enables students to quickly identify words and focus on comprehending what's being said/read. Research shows bimodal presentations (using visual and audio) can enhance the reading experience. So if you're worried text to speech will slow down the development of reading skills...

Help Special Needs Students Become Great Readers

Dyslexia, autism, or and other learning disabilities shouldn't bar students from learning how to read. Unfortunately, these students tend to struggle with the written word, which can prolong the reading process. As an educator, you want to help your children learn the best they can. But certain disabilities can impair learning, especially when it comes time to read. Use ioAudio to help students with dyslexia become better readers. And prepare early learners to embrace the power of reading. Perfect for students from Pre-K to 12th grade.

Studies show that using text to speech software for education can help students of all ages learn to read. What's great about TTS software is that it empowers special needs children to learn on their own. This can boost their confidence and encourage them to continue reading. 

Make e-Learning Accessible

Not all of your students can be with you physically. But should they miss out on your reading lessons? Of course not. And with ioAudio, they won’t have to. You can use our platform to ensure they’re getting reading time in with the help of our text to speech software. 

This is ideal for younger students just learning to read or those with special needs. 

ioAudio Integrates with Everyday Tools

Adopting ioAudio is simple, thanks to its integrations with tools you already know and use. This includes:

  • Email platforms (like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook — or your institution’s)
  • Spotify (add articles and books to playlists)
  • Slack (for communication with your e-learning students)

Make it Easier for Your Students to Learn to Read

You care about your students and want to help them achieve their reading goals. We care about helping you be the best reading teacher (or parent) you can be. 

ioAudio is a simple-to-use text to speech software that makes it easier to help K-12 students become efficient readers. Sign up for a free trial today to see how it works!

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