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ioAudio Keeps Your Government Documents Classified

One of our government clients' main concerns is handing over their classified documents to people to turn into audio. And that makes sense -- you're allowing a handful of people to view the contents of your documents, posing a significant security risk. Why create uncertainty when you don't have to? 

Instead, you can use an AI-powered government text to speech software. ioAudio heard your complaints and has come with a secure solution. Security is always an issue when it comes to sharing and reading documents. With ioAudio, you're only sharing your files with enhanced AI -- no humans needed to edit or provide voiceovers for the text-to-speech conversion. We're committed to maintaining security by becoming FedRAMP authorized.

Listen to Your Documents Anywhere 

It doesn't matter what part of the government you work in; odds are you're reading through documents that aren't meant for others to see. In the past, you had to choose between easing restrictions to hire people to convert text documents into voiceovers (and handle whatever risks that come out of it). Or reading through the mountains of text documents. 

With ioAudio, you no longer have just these two mediocre options. Now, you can listen to classified documents while you're working, driving, or on the go without the worry of any security breaches. 

Convert Your Documents with FedRAMP Authorized Software

At ioAudio, we understand the importance of preserving the security of classified government documents. This is why we're committed to becoming FedRAMP authorized. 

So not only will no human eyes see your secure documents -- we'll ensure we're following the latest regulations to prevent outsiders from seeing it either. 

Turn Your Documents into Playlists

Government documents can be long-winding. Add each audio file into a relevant playlist so you can quickly find and play them without interruption. You can also point out important sections by creating snippets and inserting markers to search and listen to later. 

ioAudio Integrates with Trusted Platforms

ioAudio makes it easy to turn your most-read text documents (and messages) into audio. You can do this with:

  • Email platforms (both free and organizational emails)
  • Spotify (to turn audio files into playlists)
  • Slack (read messages from co-workers)
  • Calendar (listen to important dates out loud)

Start Using Text to Speech Software Today

How many hours of your day can you gain back by turning your text documents and emails into audio? Over time, you can potentially save hundreds of hours per year. Can you imagine how much more productive you can be with less time wasted? 

Now you don't have to -- see for yourself by signing up for a free trial today!

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